What is Ladder Yarn?

Ladder yarn

What exactly is ladder yarn? Simply put it looks like a ladder because it is made by adding blocks of colour between two fine strands of yarn, as shown in the main image.

The photo shows strands of different colour ladder yarns. You will see that the colour varies and some of them also have a glittery thread running through them.

There are several different brands of ladder yarns, including Sirdar Firefly, Zip Ladder Scarf yarn and Ice Ladder yarn. The picture below shows some of the lovely colours available.
Ladder yarns

But most important of all – how do you knit with it, and what can you make?

The yarn is knitted just as if it was a single strand of yarn. Even plain garter stitch looks lovely.

Each manufacturer will have patterns available to make with their yarn, but we often use it to make beautiful delicate scarves as shown in the pictures below, using larger than required needles, and simple knit stitch.

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