Victor the viking – in the making

victor the viking body wip

Well, it’s been a busy week what with having a holiday and knitting a pair of socks given that I couldn’t knit this whilst with my boyfriend!

But, Victor is progressing nicely despite that, having had a few hours to myself on my return.  I’ve joined the legs together and done the “body”, progressing on to the bodice which is in a different colour. I must say I’m finding this Hayfield yarn really easy to work with.

I’ve also put some stitch stoppers onto the ends of my double pointed needles to turn them into short needles, making it easier for me to work with and also to tuck away in hurry should I have to. It’s not easy keeping this little project “secret” and still be working on it.

One of the things I noticed about this pattern is that increase is always done by knitting into the front and back of a stitch. This really works well on the legs as the increase appears seamless.

Cable cast on is used for the feet (and all other parts) to give a firm edge to work with – it’s also really neat.

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