Top ten tips for knitting with wire

knitted wire bracelet

Like making jewellery as well as knitting?  Why not combine the two and make yourself a unique range of knitted earrings, knitted bracelets or even necklaces.

You can also crochet with the same wire you use for knitting.  Adding some beads to your project can really bring some of the knitting wire’s to life.

For those that would also like to try knitting with wire, here’s a few handy tips to get you started.

1.  Wire for knitting and crochet needs to be soft and pliable.

2.  Use general craft wire or crochet wire.

3.  The most common thickness is 30swg (0.3mm) but you can use up to 0.7mm(22swg).

4.  Doubling up thinner wire is easier to work with than the equivalent thicker wire.

5.  Doubling up gives an interesting effect when you use more than one colour.

6.  Enamel coloured wire or artistic wire (which is copper with a colour coating) are both good to knit with.

7.  Make sure you buy enough to work with – even wire has dye lots, just like yarn – so be sure to match dye lots.

8.  When working with wire that is rolled into a loop rather than a spool, be sure to secure the ends you’re not working with otherwise it can easily tangle.

9.  For finer jewellery wires, these come with a designation of hardness – half hard, dead soft and hard. The most commonly used one, for knitting and crochet is half hard.

10. Jewellery wire comes in shapes as well – square, half round and round with the most pleasing effect being achieved with the round wire.

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