Knitted Meerkat Toys

meerkat toys

For a little animal that lives naturally in the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, the meerkat has become incredibly well known in the UK.  These cute little members of the mongoose family have been intensively studied and filmed in the wild and of course they are the stars of those well known advertisements. A few…

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Victor the viking – in the making

victor the viking body wip

Well, it’s been a busy week what with having a holiday and knitting a pair of socks given that I couldn’t knit this whilst with my boyfriend! But, Victor is progressing nicely despite that, having had a few hours to myself on my return.  I’ve joined the legs together and done the “body”, progressing on…

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Victor and Vera knitted vikings

victor and vera knitted viking toys

A pattern published in one of the knitting magazines I subscribe to turned out to be the perfect project for this gift. The lovely Viking “toys” suit him down to a T and I just know they’ll have a special place in his study. The first step was to gather all the materials. I spent…

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