Next steps in designing the dog sweater.

dog sweater

Having thought about all the needs for the dog and I, I sketched out a few variations of what I thought would work. During this time, another dog came in to the charity that will also need a sweater… but having been attacked by a pack of street dogs, he had to have front limb removed, so has only three limbs. This helped me come up with the final design.

Below is an image of the final design. The sweater has no “legs” as it were, it it simply three long strips that go on the underneath and top of the dogs’ body.

Basic dog sweater sketch

The underside is double rib, and this allows for some stretchiness. The neck is quite short and also in double rib, so it doesn’t easily get messed up with any pus coming from out his ears, but still keeps his neck warm.

The back is button up and knitted in stocking stitch with a knit stitch edging. This is quick for me to make up. Buttons can be replaced with velcro or a zip but neither works for this dog. There are adjustments straps between the top and bottom, also button up and which could also be replaced with velcro.

Finally, if the dog does have a limb missing, the area where the limb would go can simply be sewn together without affecting the sweater design.

Next steps… choosing the yarn.

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