About our club

Knitwits Knitting Club started out of a desire to share our knitting knowledge with others, to help others learn in the easiest and quickest way possible for them.

Many people don't have access to someone they can learn from, and end up spending several wasted hours trawling through Youtube or Google to find out how to do things - and not always getting the answer they want.

And so, with my mum, I decided to start this one stop shop knitting club.

It soon grew and started to include other areas like re-mastered vintage patterns and then knitting patterns designed by ourselves.

We also noticed that many people are teaching knit stitches, but not some of the other areas that you need to know in order to be successful - like making tension squares, what abbreviations mean, and how to finish off a garment.

So we started to add those in too, and that's where the club is at now. And it will continue to grow with more and more relevant knitting knowledge.

Cindy, Daniel and Barbara knitting together
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Knitting can be a great family affair or something you can learn on your own and share with others in our club.  In the picture above are three generations of my family sitting together knitting.

Daniel, sitting in the middle is learning to knit from one of our videos, on his iPad mini. Well, we had to test them out you see, and if a child can use the videos then we reason that they're good to go into our club!

Look through our membership plans to get started. For the same price as a knitting magazine, you can have all your knitting learning needs in one place  - and accessible on your phone, ipad or computer! A place where we're building a creative and inspired knitting community.

So what's included in the club?

As you'll see we have a lot on offer already and we add to it every week!  There's always a new pattern, tutorial or article.  What's more, our Early Bird members get to help guide the content by voting on what they'd like to see next.

We have monthly, quarterly or annual membership plans available depending on how long you'd like to be a member.

  • How to Knit videos

    Videos showing how to do a variety of knitting stitches using the right handed english method of knitting.

  • Downloadable designer patterns

    A variety of patterns, designed by us for you.

  • Conversion Charts & Calculators

    Substitute US for UK yarn, convert US/AU needle sizes to mm… and a lot more.

  • Rate and comment

    Rate the patterns or videos, leave comments and engage with others in the club.

  • Instructions, Hints & Tips

    For instructions on creating a tension square, yarn care and other hints & tips, you’ll love the resources section.

  • Re-mastered vintage patterns

    A large clear font makes these easier to read and we give recommendations on needle sizes and yarns substitutes.

  • Discounted events and products

    Members only discounts for our online events and other products, including knitting books, DVDs and phone apps.

  • Knitting Technique Videos

    Learn how to make “stars” or “knots”,  stitch seams together or create edgings along with a variety of other knitting techniques.

  • Competitions and Prize Draws

    Win patterns and yarn with our members only competitions and prize draws.

See membership plans

What's next?

We'd like the club to grow and offer more to our members each month.  Amongst our future plans are a stockists list, where you can find out where to buy your supplies locally and when we're a little bigger, the community forums will be turned on, so you can fully engage with like minded knitters and learn from each other.

  • Stockists

    Find local yarn suppliers near you (UK only).

  • Community Forum

    A place to engage with other knitters.

  • Webinars

    Monthly online webinars for all knitting Q&A.