Ladies knitted beret, free pattern

knitted beret

Recently a customer asked if we could knit a beret for a friend of his who was joining the United Nations.  I created a pattern from our original beret pattern and adapted it so that you can use any double knitting wool.  It knits up really quickly using a double strand of yarn and large size needles.

knitted beret

Materials and measurements

Actual diameter laid flat: 28cm

When stretched will fit head 53.5-58.5cm (21-23 in)

Double knitting wool 100g (use double strand)

Needles: 5.5mm and 6mm


5 stitches and 14 rows to 10cm (4 in) measured over stocking stitch using 6mm needles and double thickness of wool.


RS = Right Side

WS = Wrong Side

K = Knit

P = Purl

Alt = Alternative

Inc = Increase by knitting into the front and back of stitch

Rep = repeat

St(s) = Stitch(es)

Tog = Together

Beret Instructions

Using 5.5mm needles and a double strand of yarn, cast on 74 sts.

Row 1: (RS) K2, *P2, K2, rep from * to end.

Row 2: P2, *K2, P2, rep from * to end.

These two rows from the rib.

Rep these two rows three times (8 rows of rib in total).

Row 9: (RS) K1, inc once in each st to last 2 sts, K2 (145 sts)

Change to 6mm needles.

Rows 10-17: (WS) Starting with a P row, work in stocking st for 7 rows, ending with a WS row. Work should measure 7-8cm.

Shape Top:

Row 11: (RS) [K6, K2tog] 18 times, K1 (127sts)

Row 12 and every alternate row: P

Row 13: K

Row 15: [K5, K2tog] 18 times, K1 (109sts)

Row 17: K

Row 19: [K4, K2tog] 18 times, K1 (91sts)

Row 21: K

Row 23: [K3, K2tog] 18 times, K1 (73sts)

Row 25: K

Row 27: [K2, K2tog] 18 times, K1 (55sts)

Row 29: K

Row 31: [K1, K2tog] 18 times, K1 (37sts)

Row 32: K

Row 33: [K2tog] 18 times, K1 (19sts)

Row 34: P1, P2tog 9 times (10sts)

Row 35: K2tog 5 times (5sts)

Break yarn and thread through the remaining 5 sts.  Pull up tight and fasten off securely.

To make up

Join the back seam and neaten off loose ends.

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