Designing a dog sweater

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Why I’m designing a dog sweater

Over Christmas I took in a little dog as a foster. He was in a really bad way and euthanasia had already been discussed… and turned down, as a dog charity stepped in and agreed to cover the costs of his veterinary care.

Turns out this little dog had been neglected for several years. His ears were badly infected, he’d lost most of his hearing, he was skinny and struggling to walk and his fur was badly matted and covered in waste. So…the fur had to come off, his ears require operating on and he needed to put on weight.

The problem is…. it’s winter. The lush curly white poodle type hair he should have had would have protected him… but now, the fur got shaved off and he’s virtually bald. He needed a sweater to keep him warm. But with the multitude of problems he had, I struggled to find one just right for him. So I decided to design one.

Understanding what the dog needs from a sweater.

To get the sweater design just right I needed to look at what would work for this particular dog:-

  1. Nothing that goes over the head because of the ear problems and that he may be wearing a cone in the future when he has surgery. So a button up or zip is needed.
  2. No legs to put on as his joints appear stiff and sore.
  3. Adjustable in width. He’s skinny and underweight but will put on weight throughout the winter months as he recuperates.
  4. Non itch and comfy. As there is little hair on his body, he’s more likely to itch with some yarn types.

Understanding what I need for the dog sweater.

It’s all very well getting the perfect sweater for the dog, but I also have to think about what I need as he is but one dog that I care for. So here goes:-

  1. Quick to knit up.
  2. Machine washable.
  3. Cheap to make.

Next step… sketch out the design based on these needs.

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