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Most knitters I know love helping charities with the skills they have. I know we do.  Mum and I often make items for charity so that everyone can benefit from the skills we have. It makes us feel good too, that other people and animals even, can get some joy from our products. There is nothing like making something for someone else to make you feel good!

Dog Jerseys

I have two dogs, and they really don’t like the cold English winters especially given that they’re originally from Africa, like me.  So I found a couple of free patterns on the internet to knit them some sweaters. They tend to go through dog jerseys a lot, so its useful to have a quick and easy pattern on hand so I can make up a new jersey in a matter of hours.

Here are a couple of patterns we’ve used. We also have some dog jersey patterns coming into the membership club if you are a member.

Very easy knit, garter stitch – ideal for beginners

20 free dog sweater patterns – beginners through to advanced

Red Heart free dog jersey pattern – intermediate level

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home – Dog Blanket and Dog Coats Patterns

These patterns are great to help you make dog jerseys to give to your local dog sanctuary or rescue center as well.  You can make a wide variety of sizes in all types of yarn and colours and send them off to your local Dogs Trust or other sanctuary or re-homing centre. I personally like the first one which is very easy to knit and also I can easily customise it for a variety of sizes which is perfect for a dogs home.

Cat Blankets

I sponsor a cat sanctuary in London that looks after FIV positive cats, and rescues and re-homes countless others. Cats aren’t good with sweaters in my experience, but do they do love a cuddly toy or blanket to snuggle up to. We often makes up small blankets, either knitted or crochet and send them off every few months. This is great for using up scraps of similar yarns as well as giving these cats some comfort.

Crochet Kitty Cozy. Intermediate Level

Knitted pet / cat blanket – beginners

Very easy knitted cat blanket – beginners

All the patterns are lovely, but the best way to use up scraps is to crochet blocks and then stitch them together.

Lisas Stars

This project caters for babies that have been born prematurely and passed away.  To help give some dignity and respect to these tiny babies and their families, the project aims to provide hospitals with suitable items of clothing for these babies when giving them back to their family for burial.

Angel Wrap



Please contact one of their representatives to discuss delivery/collection of items or visit the Lisa’s Stars blog for more information.

Premature baby

We’ve recently started to get involved in making baby clothes for our local hospital, with a focus on premature baby clothing and blankets. Many UK hospitals don’t accept these directly anymore, so if you do make prem baby clothes, just contact us and we’ll send them on to a hospital where they are welcome.

Variety of knitting patterns for prem babies (free download)

40 plus free patterns for premies

BBC Ray of Hope – selection of patterns


Knit for Peace

There are many communities that have specific needs such as warm winter clothing or trauma teddies. Communities elsewhere in the world also need help whether it be for orphans, animals or entire villages. Knit for Peace provides support and knitted items to communities affected by poverty or natural disasters.  Find out more about them and get free patterns and see how your knitted donations can help – or you can even volunteer.




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