What is Ladder Yarn?

Ladder yarn

What exactly is ladder yarn? Simply put it looks like a ladder because it is made by adding blocks of colour between two fine strands of yarn, as shown in the main image. The photo shows strands of different colour ladder yarns. You will see that the colour varies and some of them also have…

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Is Knitting Good for You?

old lady knitting

The cold and ‘flu season is well and truly upon us and this year mum has been laid low with a nasty dose of bronchitis which seems to be taking forever to clear up. However, one good thing about having knitting as a hobhttps://www.noted.co.nz/health/health/the-strangely-therapeutic-effect-of-knitting/by is that she can still work at her crafts even when…

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Knitting Cable Patterns

cable patterns

  A few weeks ago a friend of mine came to me with a well known knitting magazine which pictured a cable pattern swatch.  Her problem was that what she was knitting did not match up with the pattern and also that in some rows the number of stitches were not correct. I worked on…

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The gift of giving

Daniel knitting

A few weeks back, my nephew was testing out some videos I made for the club.  He was so enthused with the whole idea of knitting, that he ended up deciding to knit a scarf for his teacher. Here he is about half of the way through, knitting on his own “unattended” and without the…

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Three generations of knitters

knitting together

During the second quarter of 2017, I had been producing video tutorials for the Knitwits club on how to make various knitting stitches, and decided it was high time I tested them out with friends and family to check that they were clear and easy to use. What better opportunity than a visit from my nephew?!…

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