Learning to Knit is as easy as 1-2-3

Knitting is one of the most relaxing crafts you can do with your hands.  Once you learn to knit you can easily sit back and knit and listen to the radio or watch your favourite television program while you happily knit away and make a great item, for yourself or someone else, at the same…

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Hearts Mug Hug – free pattern

mug hug with hearts

Valentines Day will soon be upon us and I for one was struggling to think of something suitable for my boyfriend. However, I noticed that he has a habit of leaving his coffee unattended and it gets cold pretty quickly… That is where the idea of a mug hug (or cup cosy as some call…

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Knitted Meerkat Toys

meerkat toys

For a little animal that lives naturally in the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, the meerkat has become incredibly well known in the UK.  These cute little members of the mongoose family have been intensively studied and filmed in the wild and of course they are the stars of those well known advertisements. A few…

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How to brighten up a dull or dark Yarn

wendy wisp

A while ago I bought a job lot of Wendy Wisp featherlight chunky yarn. Sadly this lovely yarn, which is 89% acrylic and 11% polyester is now discontinued. This yarn has a “bobble” effect and it knits up beautifully in plain garter stitch. And although thick and chunky, it is indeed featherlight with a soft brushed…

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Self Patterning Yarns

self patterning fingerless gloves

Self patterning yarns are amazing to work with as they produce a striped or fair isle effect when one knits in plain stocking stitch. I bought some lovely Knitcol Trends yarns recently and started to make some fingerless gloves. By the way, this Knitcol yarn is 100% pure merino wool, and can be machine washed on the gentle cycle…

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Measuring and choosing yarn for the dog sweater

variegated green

In the first post I talked about the dogs needs, so I had to get the yarn right and also make sure I had enough of it. This sweater needs to be cheap, so rather than buy new yarn, I went through my stash and found a lovely green variegated yarn, that is machine washable.…

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Next steps in designing the dog sweater.

dog sweater

Having thought about all the needs for the dog and I, I sketched out a few variations of what I thought would work. During this time, another dog came in to the charity that will also need a sweater… but having been attacked by a pack of street dogs, he had to have front limb…

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Designing a dog sweater

Dog coats

Why I’m designing a dog sweater Over Christmas I took in a little dog as a foster. He was in a really bad way and euthanasia had already been discussed… and turned down, as a dog charity stepped in and agreed to cover the costs of his veterinary care. Turns out this little dog had…

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Quick and easy knitted scarf

fashion yarn

Free knitted scarf pattern This pattern is probably the easiest one I’ve done and is ideal for beginners or if you need to make a large quantity of scarves in a short space of time (like for gifts or groups of people) as they only take a couple of hours each. Knitted in stocking stitch,…

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About Cashmere knitting yarn


There are different types of knitting yarns available, among them cashmere, which is a light weight soft yarn. This yarn is obtained from goats and these are known as Pashmina. Generally we get this wool in the annual moulting season of goats by shredding or shearing. As this yarn is luxurious and boasts archetypal grace,…

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