Mini Christmas Stocking

mini xmas stocking

It’s that time of year again and I’ve started making some knitted mini christmas stockings to decorate the Christmas tree. I found this lovely pattern from the book below which I can highly recommend. To give the stockings a little more character, I added some chocolates in to the stocking as well as a small…

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Calculating yarn requirements

calculating swatch area

I’m one of those people that love re-creating garments from vintage patterns. Are you?  If you’re like me, one of the most anxiety inducing areas can be not having enough yarn to complete my project. So, before I start anything, I spend a little bit of time researching what modern day yarn I need to…

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Top Ten Tips for Lace Knitting

tree of life lace shawl

I undertook a challenging lace project, this beautiful lacy shawl. It took a long time to make and with the intricate lace patterns, I needed to be focused when working on it. Definitely not TV knitting! Knitting lacy patterns can produce some stunning garments, but it also has a few challenges – so here’s my…

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Colourful iPhone or mobile phone sock

phone sock

I recently got a new mobile phone to replace my trusty HTC which was pretty well worn after 3 years use.  It’s a Samsung smartphone so it has a touchscreen and because it was so new and shiny and smart, I thought I best get myself sorted for a cover to help protect the screen…

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Knit and Crochet for Charity

prem baby

Most knitters I know love helping charities with the skills they have. I know we do.  Mum and I often make items for charity so that everyone can benefit from the skills we have. It makes us feel good too, that other people and animals even, can get some joy from our products. There is…

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Knitted Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are always a favourite. Recently I was given a copy of Val Pierce’s Book “Twenty to Make Knitted Bears All Dressed up.” These delightful little bears have a number of different outfits ranging from Bride and Groom and Ballerina to Strawbery Bear and Holly Christmas Bear. We have our own teddy bear patterns…

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Knitting is for all ages

Daniel knitting

One of the fastest growing trends today is teenagers learning to knit.  While the word “knitting” used to make you think of grandma sitting in her rocker knitting a baby blanket for some distant relative, this is just not the case anymore.  Today, millions of teens and young adults everywhere are learning to knit.  And,…

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Victor the viking – in the making

victor the viking body wip

Well, it’s been a busy week what with having a holiday and knitting a pair of socks given that I couldn’t knit this whilst with my boyfriend! But, Victor is progressing nicely despite that, having had a few hours to myself on my return.  I’ve joined the legs together and done the “body”, progressing on…

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Top ten tips for knitting with wire

knitted wire bracelet

Like making jewellery as well as knitting?  Why not combine the two and make yourself a unique range of knitted earrings, knitted bracelets or even necklaces. You can also crochet with the same wire you use for knitting.  Adding some beads to your project can really bring some of the knitting wire’s to life. For…

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Victor and Vera knitted vikings

victor and vera knitted viking toys

A pattern published in one of the knitting magazines I subscribe to turned out to be the perfect project for this gift. The lovely Viking “toys” suit him down to a T and I just know they’ll have a special place in his study. The first step was to gather all the materials. I spent…

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