Measuring and choosing yarn for the dog sweater

variegated green

In the first post I talked about the dogs needs, so I had to get the yarn right and also make sure I had enough of it. This sweater needs to be cheap, so rather than buy new yarn, I went through my stash and found a lovely green variegated yarn, that is machine washable.…

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Next steps in designing the dog sweater.

dog sweater

Having thought about all the needs for the dog and I, I sketched out a few variations of what I thought would work. During this time, another dog came in to the charity that will also need a sweater… but having been attacked by a pack of street dogs, he had to have front limb…

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Designing a dog sweater

Dog coats

Why I’m designing a dog sweater Over Christmas I took in a little dog as a foster. He was in a really bad way and euthanasia had already been discussed… and turned down, as a dog charity stepped in and agreed to cover the costs of his veterinary care. Turns out this little dog had…

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Quick and easy knitted scarf

fashion yarn

Free knitted scarf pattern This pattern is probably the easiest one I’ve done and is ideal for beginners or if you need to make a large quantity of scarves in a short space of time (like for gifts or groups of people) as they only take a couple of hours each. Knitted in stocking stitch,…

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About Cashmere knitting yarn


There are different types of knitting yarns available, among them cashmere, which is a light weight soft yarn. This yarn is obtained from goats and these are known as Pashmina. Generally we get this wool in the annual moulting season of goats by shredding or shearing. As this yarn is luxurious and boasts archetypal grace,…

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How to make a tension square

tension square 3

Nearly every person has a slightly different tension, which affects the size of the stitches they create. Some knit tight, and some loose – all to varying to degrees. Being slightly “out” on the tension (or gauge) required to make an item can be a problem especially in bigger items like jerseys, as the small…

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What is Aran Knitting?

aran knitting

Aran knitting patterns are heavily textured knitting patterns which are named after the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland. The patterns are most commonly used in sweaters, traditionally knitted in an off-white colour, although nowadays are also used in many colours in socks, hats, scarves, mittens, afghans and even pillow covers. The stitches…

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Clearing it all up – Seed, Moss and Double Moss

british moss

I was making videos for the membership club the other day and just realised that the one I made for double moss was actually American moss, and not British double moss. Oops, that will need re-doing! Having had a look through Google and YouTube, there seems to be a lot of confusion about seed, moss…

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Ladies knitted beret, free pattern

knitted beret

Recently a customer asked if we could knit a beret for a friend of his who was joining the United Nations.  I created a pattern from our original beret pattern and adapted it so that you can use any double knitting wool.  It knits up really quickly using a double strand of yarn and large…

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Tips for Knitting Your Own Socks

knitted socks

As a knitter, at some point you might decide that you want to try your hand at knitting a pair of socks.  Because hand knit socks are like no others in their comfort and warmth, it is no wonder that today’s knitters are attempting to make socks in record numbers.  However, you will find knitters…

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