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Welcome to Knitwits

We’re an online knitting club that loves to help others learn more about knitting. Our online community is the perfect place for knitters of all abilities to learn, create and be inspired by others. Engage with others from the comfort of your own home, whilst learning at your own pace.

With an ever-growing selection of vintage and bespoke patterns, a library of stitch tutorials and knitting articles, plus useful yarn and needle conversion charts, we’re the one-stop-shop for knitters everywhere.

We focus on the right-handed English method of knitting and for the moment that is all we teach. Our blog has articles available for everyone to enjoy, but with club membership you’ll get so much more.

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Most popular patterns

At this time of year it seems to be mainly small items, like the lovely Universal Scarf, although we’re sure toys are always going to be popular.

Our recent video tutorials

With new stitch or pattern videos every week you’ll never be short of ideas. Early Bird members can also get involved and help us decide which stitch or technique we're going to include next.